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Stages Map

Module 1 24minMarketing Module  
Unit 1 Understand the need
Unit 2 Ideate and explore possibilities
Unit 3 Prototype solutions
Unit 4 Evaluate prototypes and ideas
Module 1 Business Model Innovation  
Unit 1 Customer Segments
Unit 2 Value proposition
Unit 3 Channels
Unit 4 Customer Relations
Unit 5 Revenue Streams
Unit 6 Key Resources
Unit 7 Key Activities
Unit 8 Key Partners
Unit 9 Cost Structures
Module 1 SME track  
Unit 1 Setting up a strategy
Unit 2 Leadership skills
Unit 3 Developing your next innovation
Unit 4 Building the right team
Unit 5 Launching campaigns
Unit 6 Sales skills
Unit 7 Legal documents
Unit 8 Financial statements
Unit 9 Project implementation
Unit 10 Customer service plan
Unit 11 Talking to funders
Module 1 Negotiation  
Unit 1 Negotiations overview
Unit 2 5 Big NOs to avoid during negotiations
Unit 3 4 Traps to escape during a negotiation
Unit 4 5 Pillars negotiations can’t work without
Module 1 Sales Methodologies  
Unit 1 Gaining Prospects
Unit 2 Qualifications
Unit 3 Sales Funnel
Unit 4 Closing your Sale
Module 1 24- minutes accounting  
Unit 1 Accounting Department Structure
Unit 2 Accounting System
Unit 3 Auditing
Unit 4 Revenue Recognition
Module 1 Digital Marketing1  
Unit 1 Digital Marketing Plan
Unit 2 Key marketing metrics
Unit 3 Search Engine Optimization
Unit 4 Content Marketing Strategy

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